Basketball Coaching Playbook Player Improvement Guide - Game Winning Basketball Plays Proven Basketball Drills!

Basketball Plays, Basketball Drills, and More! offers information on coaching youth basketball and improving player basketball skills. Coaches at all levels (youth, middle school, high school, AAU, YBOA) will find valuable resources for coaching and instructing players in regards to offense, defense, full court press, fast break, inbounds plays, proper shooting mechanics, strength training, dribbling, passing, ball-handling, and other vital basketball fundamentals and skills. Players will find invaluable information on improving their free throw shooting, 3-point shooting accuracy, go-to offensive moves, how to jump higher, and individual workouts. We will also review and give you advice on buying basketball shoes, NBA basketball merchandise, jumping programs, basketball training aids, basketball videos, and other hot items that will improve your game.

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