Rebound, Rebound, Rebound - Dominate the glass with these proven rebounding tips.

Basketball Rebounding - Become a Rebounding Machine

No one is more valuable to their team than its leading rebounder. Great rebounders are worth their weight in gold. For a team to win a championship, it must win the war on the boards. Team that usually win in the rebounds category, win the game. Below are general guidelines about rebounding.

1) Want the Ball

Rebounders must WANT the ball. They simply go get it with reckless abandom! As a coach, you just loves these tough, hard nose kids.

2) Get Inside Position

One of keys to rebounding is gaining inside position and then fighting to maintain that position. Great rebounders tend to get inside position on the opposite side of the board that the shot was taken. This is where most rebounds are made.

3) Boxing Out

After gaining inside position you must then box out. To box out, simply move towards your nearest opponent and make contact. Pivot so you “Put your butt to their gut” and maintain inside position... This is when it gets fun, espeacially if you like contact.

4) Jump

If you have inside position and box out, then you should be in a great position to get the rebound on the miss shot. Now you must anticpate the right time to jump. Now explode and jump towards the ball and grab it with two hands. As you grab the rebound make a loud noise. Hold the ball tightly below your chin with your elbows out as you land on the ground.

Rebounding is not rocket science. It's basically about following these simple techniques and making up your mind that you are going to get the ball!