Improve your vertical jump with these training exercises!

How to Improve Vertical Jump

One question I hear from young people concerned with improving basketball ability is "How can I jump higher?" Jumping can be improved with proper training.

What is vertical jump? Well, vertical jump is the jump reach minus the standing reach. The jump reach is when you jump straight up without taking a step and you touch the highest point possible. Some NBA players have a vertical jump of a whopping 40 inches. To increase your vertical jump you must increase your strength and power. This can be done by following these steps.


The best strength exercises for basketball players to increase their vertical jump are squats, lunges and step ups.


These excercises are work but you will get results. They include power cleans, plyometrics and weight box jumps.

By doing these jumping exercises you will gradually start to make improvements in your vertical jump. Most basketball players can increase their vertical jump by 2 to 4 inches with consistent training... Now you have the secrets that can help you lift off and fly high!